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Should You Have an ATM in Your Store?

Have you been thinking about adding an ATM to your store? There are many reasons why this may be a good idea, from pulling in new customers and providing additional income. However, there are also a few reasons as to why it may not be a good fit for your specific business. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of adding an ATM to your store.

Reasons Why Your Store Should Have an ATM

Did you know that having an ATM at your business can lead to an influx of new customers? When you set up an ATM and the other local establishments don’t have one, those business owners will send their customers to you. This is ideal as many individuals are looking for a quick and convenient way to to handle simple transactions without having to go to their bank.

Another reason to consider is the extra income. With more people visiting your location, sales for your business may increase. There are also several ATM programs where a business owner can profit from the machines located at their store. While it may not require a lot of work for the owner, it may take several hundred transactions for an owner to make their money back on the ATM itself and any servicing or maintenance it may need.

Reasons Why Your Store Should NOT Have an ATM

Perhaps one of the main reasons some business owners choose not to have an ATM at their store is the associated cost. While there are some programs available for free ATM placement or leasing programs, chances are that a business may need to pay a hefty upfront fee for their machine. 

Business owners should also be aware that, depending on the financial institution they choose, they may be responsible for maintaining and ensuring that their ATM has sufficient funds. It’s best to invest in an ATM provider that offers free maintenance, repairs, and cash replenishment if available.

However, the biggest drawback that may business owners see when deciding if an ATM is right for their business is security. Oftentimes, a business owner will need to have a dedicated security camera system in place just to monitor the machine from fraudulent activity. 


Having an ATM in your store is a great way to drive new business and increase your income, but it’s important to make sure it’s the right solution for your specific needs. Have any questions or want to know about affordable payment solutions for your business? Contact us today at (407) 777-0638!

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