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4 Industries That Benefit From Mobile Payments

A lot of companies can benefit from mobile payment processing with a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Here are just a few:

Personal Trainers Should Use Mobile Payments

These days, tens of thousands of people work as personal trainers. It’s a great way for them to turn their love of fitness and working out into an income stream. Some do it on the side, while others do it full time. Either way, it’s a great business with a lot of demand.

Offering mobile payments is great for personal trainers because they’re always on the move! Sometimes you may meet your client at their house so you can use their home gym. Other times you meet at a gym. Or you can meet at the park for a calisthenics workout.

It doesn’t matter where you meet. The point is that being able to take a credit card payment anywhere makes it easy on your clients.

Coaches Need Mobile Payment Options

There are all kinds of coaches out there. Nutrition coaches. Career coaches. Life coaches. Sport coaches. Speech coaches.

While some of them are relatively stationary, some are not. They meet their client somewhere to work on their current task. For example, maybe a soccer coach is helping a high schooler with dribbling techniques. Or a career coach meets their client at a coffee shop for interviewing practice.

Mobile payment processing makes this easier on everyone. Instead of having to pay before the session – or the coach having to bug their client after it’s over – they can handle it right there and then.

Business to Business (B2B) Sales

Business to business means exactly what it sounds like. It’s when one company sells goods or services to another. For example, one B2B company may provide a restaurant with meal ingredients, while another takes care of the cleaning.

Every business is different, but a lot of B2B salespeople are constantly on the road. While that has changed somewhat with COVID-19, companies still need to make sales.

A good B2B salesperson will have the customer ready to sign up during their visit. By having a credit card processor easily available, they can finish the sale instead of having to wait until later.

That’s great, because every salesperson knows that attention wanes over time!

Food Trucks Need Mobile Payment Processing

This one may be obvious, but think about a food truck’s business model. It’s meant to be mobile! They have a food truck because it lets them easily go from place to place around the city without the overhead of a building.

To operate that way, you need a mobile payment processor. Because you’re doing this so much, it might make sense to have a permanent table stand on your vehicle. During a big event it’s common to manage hundreds of transactions in a single day. If you couldn’t take cards and only took cash, you’d lose a lot of customers.


This is just a fraction of the types of companies that benefit from a mobile payment processor. To learn about how your business can benefit, send us an email at info@paykoncept.com. We’d love to help.

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