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Case Studies

Turning Challenges into Success....

Case Study 1

Quality Inn, Orlando

"PayKoncept’s online submissions for chargeback rebuttal has made it easier to respond within 2 minutes to upload relevant documents for chargebacks.

The immediate confirmation of successful upload once submitted gives you confidence that the chargeback response is complete. We have managed to increase our chargeback reversal credits tremendously.

8 out of every 10 rebuttals are in the merchant's favor.”

- Quality Inn, Orlando (Google Review)

How Did We Do it?


Chargebacks on Regular Basis

Prior to using PayKoncept as one of their payment processing & fraud prevention tools, Quality Inn Orlando was accustomed to chargebacks on a regular basis and fraudulent face to face transactions. Their previous chargeback winning ratio was only 30%.


Customized Dashboard

We incorporated a customized "Client IQ" dashboard which enables Quality Inn to get real-time notifications when the chargeback is issued. We also trained the Quality Inn team on credit card transaction processes & precautions, meeting the card brand compliance.


Increased Chargeback Ratio to 80%

Our platform and training helped Quality Inn improve their payment processes by eliminating thousands in Chargebacks fees.

We also enabled the establishment of new capabilities like manual reviews of questionable transactions.

Case Study 2

Choice Hotels

""PayKoncept has saved us an average of $3000.00 every quarter in fines.”

- Choice Hotels

How Did We Do it?


EMV Capability Implementation

A local Choice Hotel continued to miss the deadline to implement EMV capabilities at the point of sale for multiple consecutive quarters. They were facing a $3,000 fine every quarter from Choice Hotels Headquarters for noncompliance. After unsuccessfully trying to implement EMV with their current payment processor (a bank), they decided to give PayKoncept a try.


Meeting the Deadline

Within 48 hours of taking on the account, PayKoncept initiated the process to incorporate EMV compliant equipment. PayKoncept developed an encryption code for the Gateway and
established a seamless connection between the equipment and the PMS system. With this systems in place, this local Choice Hotel met the mandated deadline, but most importantly became PCI compliant.


Saving $3000 Every Year

We have saved the client an average of $3,000 every quarter in fines by Choice Hotels Headquarters, 30% savings in the monthly merchant fees, and 60% on chargebacks. Any future expenses/fines incurred due to a data breach have been minimized, if not
completely eliminated.

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