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3 Types of Businesses that Need an Online Payment Processor

Some types of businesses need an online payment processor more than others. Here are a few types of businesses that need the flexibility to take payments online.

Business Type #1: Restaurants

The coronavirus has hit the restaurant industry very hard. The industry as a whole is expected to lose billions of dollars worth of revenue. Even though many restaurants are opening back up, the limitations (such as only having 50% of tables open) and lower foot traffic are still hurting sales.

But even though some customers are not comfortable going into the restaurant, millions of people are comfortable doing curbside pickup or takeout. They’re fine with having you prepare the food, they just don’t want to be inside the restaurant sitting around a lot of strangers.

To take these takeout orders, you have two options:

  • Over the phone
  • Online

You need the flexibility to do both. We assume you already have a phone in place, and the phone number is listed online where customers can find it and easily call in to place an order.

But what about your website? Can it receive orders and process credit cards, making it easy for the customer to do everything in one place? That’s where an online payment processor comes into play. Don’t let your restaurant get hit harder than is necessary by the coronavirus. Get setup to take online orders.

Business Type #2: Digital Product Companies

The digital products industry has changed a lot over time. Twenty years ago, digital products were installed to your computer via a floppy disk or CD. Now, everything is either downloaded or run through the cloud.

Digital products include things like video games, software, movies, music, eBooks or video courses. All of these are things that your typical customer isn’t going to look for in a store. They’ll go to the internet because it’s so convenient. Plus a lot of things, especially software or things like eBooks, aren’t even available in retail stores.

That’s why it’s critical for any company selling a digital product to have online payments as an option. In many cases, it’s the only option that even makes sense.

Business Type #3 that Needs a Payment Processor: Coaches

Are you a coach of some kind? Keep in mind that “coach” doesn’t necessarily mean that word is in your job title. It just means you offer specialized advice to people in exchange for payment.

For example, maybe you’re a personal trainer that helps people get in shape. Or you’re a nutritionist who creates customized meal plans for people. Or you help people get jobs as a career coach.

These days, a lot of coaching is done online. You essentially just need a few things: a computer or smartphone with a camera, an internet connection, a video teleconference service such as Zoom, and a payment processor. 

Even if you have a completely different kind of business than what we listed above, chances are good you need an online payment processor. As our world transforms into one that requires less physical interaction to minimize COVID risk and exposure, it’s critical you have the tools you need to make it easy for customers to pay for your products and services. Let us help!

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