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PayKoncept Merchant solutions is a Family owned business. The family has been in non- profit and various retail businesses for last 30 years. PayKoncept came in inception due to a dire need to save our hard money on processing for our own retail business. The more I searched the more I got confused with all the complex agreements, hidden fees, and most of all horrible customer service. It just seemed that once you signed there was never a way out. The rates increase every 3 months, the contract are non- cancelable and automatically renewed for years at a time, and when I needed to speak to someone, NO ONE was around. After many months of researching the business I decided to work for a processor to understand the source of my unsatisfaction. After 3 years of working and learning the insights I decided to change the game and launch PayKoncept.

Abdullah Tharoo
CEO of PayKoncept
Abdullah Tharoo CEO of PayKoncept
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